Why you should look forward to this summer

Burning Torch Productions has an exciting adventure to share this summer. Producer Mark Pedri is embarking on a journey of over 700 miles expedition from Pinedale, Wyoming to Laramie, Wyoming, with a mountain bike searching for the most cost effective, efficient, abundant, and available source of energy for our future. The most unique aspect of Mark’s expedition, unlike most others conducted in the past, is that he will be conducting his journey without the assistant of any support crew and filming the entire journey himself. This means that he will be carrying not only food, water, and the bare necessities, but also over 50 pounds of camera gear. He will be visiting major energy providers in the Wyoming area such as the Jonah Field, Flaming Gorge Dam, Bridger Coal mine, the Shirley Uranium mine, wind farms, and finally the University of Wyoming where a team of researchers are working on solar technologies. Mark is set to begin his journey on July 26 and return home to Laramie on August 13, 2011.

The documentary film entitled, Energy, Oh Energy, will be based on the findings of Mark’s challenging journey and incites from various experts in petroleum engineering, energy management, chemistry- solar, resource management and environmental studies.

The central theme of the movie will be determining the best energy from fossil fuels, hydroelectric dams, wind power from wind farms, solar power, Hydrogen, and Nuclear. The underling story will be the massive journey and personal quest of traveling 700 miles without any supplementary energy other than human powered (biking). The film will incorporate short clips of interviews and footage compiled during Mark’s massive journey through the desert.
The film will ultimately tie all the researches and findings together to make a fairly justified conclusion as to what the most effective energy is for our future. What is the “best” energy?

We don’t know but Mark isn’t going to stop until he finds out. Burning Torch Productions is currently making an effort to exhibit the film in major film festivals like:
Sundance International Film Festival: the largest independent film festival in the United States that is annually held in various cities in Utah. Park City, Utah has commonly been a large meeting and exhibition location for this festival. It is regarded to many as the most prestigious festival in the world. The festival showcases both American and international dramatic, feature, short and documentary films.
Tribeca International Film Festival: one of the largest film festivals which was established in response to 911 and the subsequent loss of vitality in the Tribeca neighborhood in Manhattan. The festival was also founded to treasure New York City as the main filmmaking center. Films ranging from feature, documentary to short movies are showcased.
Banff Mountain Film Festival: hosts annual presentation of short and documentary films in Banff, Alberta since 1976. Films about mountain culture, sports, and environment are showcased in the festival and the host organization picks the best films that reflect the best interest of the community. The Banff Mountain Film Festival is unique because it goes on tour and screens films all across the country everywhere from college campuses to local theatres.
Toronto International Film Festival: is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. 300-400 films are showcased in this festival each year in Toronto, Canada. Over 250,000 people have been recorded to attend the Toronto International Film Festival.
Melbourne International Film Festival: is one of the oldest film festivals in the world, annually held in Melbourne, Australia since 1951. Over 400 films from different countries in the world are showcased in this festival making it the largest and most attended festivals in Australia.
Burning Torch Productions is excited to share this sensational experience that delves into one of the biggest issues that faces the world today.
Catching up with Mark.
“This film is going to be huge. It’s going to turn heads and change people’s way of thinking. Riding your bike 700 miles through the desert and mountains is a big deal but it doesn’t even compare to the task we are going to be faced with in the future as our energy needs heighten. Every energy source has its benefits ranging from cheap to clean but I want to find the best. I want to create a film that people can believe in. It’s going to be a long journey but humans are capable of incredible things when motivated. If you are looking for something great to be a part of, this is your ticket. I would be glad to ride a few miles with each and every one of you. Check back for updates on the route and see how I’m preparing for this mammoth sized adventure.”

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2 responses to “Why you should look forward to this summer

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  2. As a former Wyoming Energy worker, I look forward to your work product. I’m only hoping that it is fair and objective, not some ‘tree-hugging’ film. Not that you’ll find many trees in Wyoming!

    I have a suggestion for your film: Talk to the roughnecks and the tool-pushers. See if you can get some hand-on experience on the Rig-Floor (just stay out of the derrick!).

    See if you can get the mud-loggers to open up as to where they are drilling, how much they expect to produce, what living on the rig 24-7 is like.

    You should focus on the new horizontal drilling techniques and the current scare of ‘fracking’.

    If you have time, go up to the Bakkin Field and see how North Dakota is the new Saudi Arabia.

    Rick Steele, P.G.
    Sarasota, Florida

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