Who are we?

Mark Pedri- Film Maker/Producer

Mark looks happy after getting dirty on a ride at Willow Lake .

Mark graduated from the University of DePaul in Chicago, IL with a BA in Digital Cinema. He has been making films for 8 years, covering everything from competitive cooking to freeride mountain biking documentaries. He has always had a strong interest in adventure filmmaking which has led to the conception of his latest film, Energy, Oh Energy.

For this film he will be combining everything he knows; filmmaking, adventure survival, and mountain biking. Born and raised in Wyoming Mark has an interesting perspective on the energy industry. He has shot in New Zealand, Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, Guatemala, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain to name a few and looks forward to being back on his home turf with this production.

Jana Weber-Networking Consultant

Jana checks out Mark's training bike

Jana has enjoyed the Wyoming outdoors her entire life. She is a former French and English teacher who now teaches Pilates in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Her knowledge of the area and contacts have helped Burning Torch Productions since our early beginnings. Jana is an avid mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast. She has been featured in two of Burning Torch Productions’ films, One Week and Expression. She is excited to be working behind the scenes for Energy, Oh Energy.

Carrie McCarthy- Energy researcher and Mark’s girlfriend

Carrie at Willow lake

Carrie is a Chemistry senior at the University of Wyoming. She is currently doing research on solar and hydrogen energy. She has been helping Burning Torch Productions for the last 2 years both in front and behind the lens. Carrie will be on board once again with Energy, Oh Energy. She is usually the person behind the camera when Mark is not. She has a passion for the outdoors, traveling, adventure, and creating a world that strives towards equality and sustainability.



MacKenzie Mixer – Production Still Photography

MacKenzie Mixer

MacKenzie has recently graduated from the University of Wyoming with a MA in Communication. She has been working with Burning Torch Productions for almost a year taking still photos during shoots and expeditions. Her passion for photography has led her to Europe, Teton National Park, and Nevada. Along with helping with the production photography, MacKenize is a strong supported of Burning Torch Productions’ vision. If we are ever short on ideas, she is quick to inspire us with her research experience and unique outlook on life.



Marty Pool- Technical Consultant

Marty Pool

Marty is the newest member of our team and will be working with us as a technical consultant.  He recently earned an engineering degree from the University of Colorado and now works for a consulting firm in Fort Collins.  Marty has a very good understanding of the energy industry and how we as citizens use energy.  After multiple trips to Fort Collins to discuss the film, Marty was officially welcomed to the Burning Torch Productions team on June 21.  He will be helping us with the technical side of our project and keeping the idea of energy in perspective.  Mark is grateful to be working with Marty on this film.  Mark states, “A guy like Marty is priceless on a project like this.  It’s hard to find someone with his knowledge and commitment who shares our vision.”

Bridget Wilson – Production Assistant

Bridget Wilson

Bridget is currently studying journalism at the University of Wyoming. She has just started helping with Burning Torch Productions. Bridget assists with shooting interviews, as well as editing and manages the company’s social networking sites and YouTube page. She is interested in filmmaking and plans to go to film school following her graduation from UW.





Egla Negussie – Media Manager

Egla Negussie

Egla is a foreign student from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, who is currently studying Journalismat the University of Wyoming. She has come a long way of chasing her dreams of becoming successful in her career. Her passion for working for a film production company was made possible when she got the opportunity to be part of Burning Torch Productions. Egla handles tasks such as updating blog posts, contacting and scheduling interviewees, and handling legal issues. Egla can’t wait to use this exciting experience in the future.


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