Mark has begun his training

Burning Torch Productions has already begun this summer’s exciting adventure. A motivated young man’s journey in search of the most efficient energy will take him through the +700 miles of Wyoming desert. This expedition won’t come easy though. The exact route has not been finalized but it is estimated that Mark will have to ride at least 45 miles a day, most of them being in the mountains. He has his eyes set on taking alternate roads rather than sticking to the highways and interstates. Mark explains, “I want to show people the real Wyoming, and that’s not what you see from the paved road.” Making the decision to use mainly county roads, Mark has taken on a completely new challenge. “Towns are going to be few and far between so I need to be smart about my packing. I have a lot of camera gear and that is really going to way me down for some of the large climbs south of Rock Springs.” As Mark talks about his journey, it is clear to see the dedication in his eyes that he has towards this film.
Mark has started his bike training and is now trying to ride 20 miles a day. This past weekend he traveled to Fort Collins for some urban riding. He labels this type of riding the “fun training”. Check out the video clip of what he is talking about.

He also did a ride and camped at Vedauwoo. He took a short time lapse of the night sky while he was there. Check out the link to see what a Wyoming sky looks like at night. His training is aimed at preparing him for cross country training as well as strength training. Although not the most efficient way of training, Mark says that he is enjoying riding the local dirt jumps in Laramie. He is currently working on more training and traveling further distances. He touches a little on his training experiences on his interview and on the youtube video posted below. The video reveals how Mark will be conducting his journey and filming himself at the same time.

The selected energy experts from different professional and academic institutions have been contacted. Most of the interview dates so far are set for next week, so our crew will be traveling to Fort Collins, Boulder, and Rock Springs.
The cooperative energy experts have made the interview process enjoyable, the beautiful Thursday morning sun has made an interview with Mark very pleasant, and the supportive friends, family and community have made the whole process very encouraging.
Stay tuned in and follow the adventure as we move forward with the production of Energy, Oh Energy.


3 responses to “Mark has begun his training

  1. Mark!!! This is Aaron Bentz!!! You need to get the shoes that will slip into your pedals if your are going to be riding 700 miles soon, it helps you so much, you are able to pedal far better than with no pedals. Good luck on your adventure.

    • Thanks Aaron! Yeah, in the process of shopping around to see what I like. I figure that if I train in an old pair of shoes, when I actually get something nice, I’ll be that much faster. Ha, this is all new to me though so I am welcome to any advice!

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