Production has begun and Mark is counting down to his departure!

Burning Torch Productions has started the production of the film Energy, Oh Energy. Please refer to our first blog for brief description of the film and its main theme.

One of the things in which the movie is based on is the incites from experts in various fields such as petroleum engineering, energy management, chemistry, green engineering, resource management, and environmental studies. We have currently contacted a number of selected experts from various universities in order to conduct interviews and obtain all of the information that we need to successfully complete this film.  However, before shooting the interviews with the selected experts, we did an interview with our producer Mark Pedri. The interview was shot with Mark at his house in Laramie, Wyoming.

Mark talks about his inspiration for the film, "Energy, Oh Energy"

In the interview, Mark concisely explained what the film Energy, Oh Energy is about, and why his inspiration to make the film. He also shared his thoughts about his upcoming adventure, his +700 miles bike ride through the Wyoming desert looking for the “best energy” for our future. Mark also elucidates his anticipation on finishing his journey without any support crew, and how he is preparing for it. The interview footage shows Mark’s training bike and the actual bike he will be riding during the expedition.  Check back in for a specific entry about his equipment.  He talks about his training and the potential obstacles he expects to face during his journey like, food and water, weather difficulties, exhaustion, wild animals, and dehydration. The interview reveals Mark’s motivation for making this movie and also why he is choosing to ride his bike on this challenging journey rather than just driving.  He is determined to answer questions about one of the main issues the world faces, regardless of the life threatening obstacles he might face.

MacKenzie Mixer took production stills for the day. Here's a shot of her hard at work.

We are very excited that everything is moving along smoothly and Mark is keeping up with his training and getting ready for what’s to come next.  Check back tomorrow and find out where he spent the weekend and what he incorporated into his training on Saturday!

Burning Torch Productions' interns help with setting up a shot for the interview.


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