Flaming Gorge Adventure/training

Just when you think the adventure had already begun, it just gets better and better.
Mark met up with an old friend, Marty Pool, who is currently involved in the energy and engineering field, to discuss some things about the upcoming film. Mark says, “Marty’s knowledge of energy and how it’s used has helped me gain a stronger foundation for the film.” Marty Pool, a recent graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder is currently employed for an engineering consulting firm in Fort Collins.

Marty Pool

Mark decided to spice up his training a little bit, so him and Marty drove to Dutch John, Utah to float down the Green River. Mark’s parents, Gary and Libby Pedri, along with Carrie McCarthy joined Mark and Marty for the weekend adventure. The river in which they floated is the river that comes out of the Flaming Gorge Dam, which is one of Mark’s stops during his journey. On the way to the river, Gary helped scout out part of the road in which Mark will be riding his bike on next month. Mark anticipates quite a predicament on this road, because it is very winding and hilly, with virtually no shoulder. He is thinking that it might be wise to take an extra day and stay off of the treacherous road and take an alternative route on a dirt road through the mountains.

Mark is trying to find an alternative route around the Bad Lands.

“There is one section that passes through an area called the Bad Lands. There aren’t any roads through it and I might have to take a 20 mile detour to get around it. There are many issues like this that I am trying to address before I actually get on the road,” Mark says.
Once they got to the dam, Mark said they watched 8000 cubic feet of water per second being let out due to the high snowpack levels in the surrounding mountains. It was a sight in itself just to watch the water pounding out of the bottom of the dam. They ran the river two times and then headed back to Rock Springs for the night. Check out the video to see what it was like being in the raft.

The Rock Springs community has been very receptive to the film. Mark aspires to stay as unbiased as he can and give everyone a fair chance to explain why the energy they choose is the best for our future. He has been in contact with many large companies in the area and they have all been very accommodating to his vision. “My goal is to be honest and up front with everyone. I’m not trying to trick anyone. I just want to make a movie about energy,” Mark stated. This unbiased approach has led many people from different backgrounds to start following the production of Pedri’s film. Mark is working hard but he comments that it can’t be done alone. “It’s going to be huge but I can’t do it alone. Spread the word about what’s going on in Wyoming this summer. It’s not everyday we get an opportunity to be a part of something like this.”

The day ended around a fire in Rock Springs, WY

This week we will be busy with another trip to Fort Collins, an interview for an online magazine featuring Burning Torch Productions in their July edition, and getting ready for a coal mine tour this weekend in northern Wyoming. The days are full, and with every free minute, Mark is trying to keep up with his training. July 24th is getting closer and closer, brining us almost within a month of his departure! Tell us what you think of the project in the comment section below and don’t forget to check out our video clips and photos!

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One response to “Flaming Gorge Adventure/training

  1. I’m enjoying reading you blogs. I’m also happy Marty gets to join you in your filming adventure. Best of luck. Carolynn Pool

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