Things are moving so fast!

This summer’s exciting story is Burning Torch Productions’ latest film, Energy, Oh Energy, which is reaching the ears of massive audiences all over the world. A number of people have been showing their support by adding us on their Facebook and MySpace page while many others by requesting more frequent updates of our weekly blog to stay involved in the project. As requested by our audiences we have begun to update our blog posts at least two times a week in order to let you in on exactly what we’re doing.

Our friends, family, and even some new faces have all been very supportive in the making of Energy Oh, Energy. Word-of-mouth is also greatly helping us with the promotion of the film. Media outlets such as the Rocket Miner, daily newspaper of Rock Springs, WY, have also expressed their interest in covering the story by also providing us a section for a weekly editorial in the newspaper.

Burning Torch productions is also proud to announce that the key production crew has rose from five people to seven people. Check back for a bio on our latest addition to the team, Marty Pool.The production crew is regularly conducting research on energy in order to build a strong intellectual foundation for each type of energy sources.   We are still striving to avoid an opinionated outlook. In addition to the research, we are also interviewing and speaking with more energy experts to hear what they have to say about each of the types of energy. As we have mentioned in the previous blog, production has already begun and things are moving very quickly. Mark is consistently keeping up with his training and preparing both mentally and physically for his upcoming journey.

We appreciate all of your support and please continue to follow our updates on our blog, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, MySpace pages, and our website!  Check back tomorrow for the introduction of our newest member.

Egla gathers sound for an interview


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