Welcome Marty Pool!

Burning Torch Productions would like to welcome Marty Pool to our team as our Technical Consultant. Marty has been helping behind the scenes but now is officially part of Energy, Oh Energy. We know Marty’s background and experience will help us tremendously.  We could spend all day introducing Marty, but we figured we would just let him speak for himself.

“I was born and raised in Littleton, a suburb of Denver, Colorado. I perused a degree in Architectural Engineering at the University of Colorado’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Originally, I did not know what aspect of buildings I wanted to study, but as I learned more about the industry I quickly discovered that energy use in buildings was a very hot topic.  Though I was interested in my classes at the University of Colorado, my most eye opening course was ‘Energy Resources’ which I took while studying at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Taught by Dr. Bob Lloyd, the structure of the course was to analyze one energy source per week for fifteen weeks. For the first time I was introduced to where energy comes from, not just how it is used. The course was fascinating because it really picked apart the underlying pros and cons of every energy source.”

Interestingly enough, Marty also met Mark during his time in New Zealand. After becoming close friends and being a part of Mark’s 2008 release, The New Zealand Story, he and Mark went their separate ways: Marty back to Colorado and Mark to Chicago. The two have remained close friends and now that Mark is based out of Wyoming, their paths cross quite often, especially with Mark’s recent trips to Colorado working on this film.  However, it is not just proximity that keeps the two close. Marty is currently involved in the consumer side of the energy industry, and when he heard about Mark’s project he was very excited to become a part of it.



Marty explains: “After graduating with a BS in Architectural Engineering with a focus on mechanical systems in buildings, I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado and I am currently working as an engineer at a consulting firm. My main job is to perform energy assessments on commercial buildings. I am constantly studying and analyzing all different types of building systems, mechanical equipment, control strategies, and new energy efficiency technology. Each building is sort of like an energy-mystery, and my job is to figure out where energy use can be reduced. I love teaching people about energy and ways to be more efficient. And no matter who they are, in the end, I can show them that saving energy also saves money: win-win. As citizens of a developed world, we use so much energy every day, and I feel like so many people just don’t understand what it takes to provide us that luxury.


Beyond my work in the energy efficiency industry, I am extremely passionate about the beautiful outdoors, especially what we have here out West. I enjoy backpacking, rafting, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, mountain biking, and basically anything that involves playing outdoors.

I would say above all, I am a proud Colorado native and have a deep love and respect for the American West. I would consider this region both rich in natural beauty as well as energy resources, making it the ideal setting for this film. I am happy to be able to assist Mark throughout this project as a technical consultant. I am extremely excited about Mark’s endeavor, and believe his exploration of energy resources is a story that needs to be shared with as many people as possible.”


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