Energy, Oh Energy gets a poster!

Burning Torch Productions has been hard at work.  Mark has been busy working 12-hour days and still not getting everything done.  He has however, found some time to design our first poster for Energy, Oh Energy.  They went to print on Thursday and should be ready by the middle of next week.  Keep your eyes peeled on bulletin boards in your hometown!  The interview process is proving to be full of ups and downs.  Some contacts such as the Flaming Gorge Dam, the University of Wyoming, and the Jim Bridger Power plant have been more than happy to help us out.  We can’t express how thankful we are to everyone who has agreed to be a part of this film!  We are still looking for representatives from the wind, natural gas, and nuclear industry.  Mark is trying to finalize all of his stops so he can get a concrete schedule and route.  A route will be finalized by a week from today.  Make sure to check your schedule and find a day that you can ride a few miles with Mark!  Don’t forget about the welcome home ride in Laramie.  People are going to meet Mark on the edge of town in Laramie, WY and ride the last 2 miles of the trip.  Imagine riding your bike all day, everyday for 21 days straight.  You would probably need some extra encouragement to keep going.  Mark is going to need your help to complete this massive journey!

Burning Torch Productions has bought an additional camera for the project.  Check back next Friday for a breakdown of the equipment Mark will be shooting on.

Have you ever wondered what a film producer does all day?  You’re in luck because Monday’s entry will be a breakdown of an average day in Mark’s shoes as he produces, Energy, Oh Energy. 


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