Finally a route!

In our previous blog, we mentioned details about the Wyoming Red Desert, the potential risks of travelling through the desert, Mark’s training process, the places he went to train, and details about what Mark’s training days look like. The journey is fast approaching and Mark has finally finalized the route of his journey.

Pinedale to Rock Springs

First Mark will start his journey in Pinedale, Wyoming on July 24th, where he will be riding south through the Mesa and Jonah Field. At the arrival of his first stop Mark will meet with some experts on natural gas energy.  This will be the first set of interviews that Mark will conduct.  He is looking forward to the first 100 miles of the journey because many people have volunteered to ride the first day.  “This will be a good way to transition into being on the trail all day,” Mark said.

Following Pinedale, Mark will make his way to the Jim Bridger Power Plant, which is just East of Rock Springs. This power plant is well known for its coal resource and production of coal energy. Again at his arrival Mark will meet with coal energy experts and people who work in the industry to conduct an interview to learn more about coal as an energy source.

Options for getting to the Flaming Gorge

Following Bridger Power Plant, Mark will make his to Rock Springs in order to attend the Red Desert Round Up Parade. He will be riding in the parade in the morning of July 30th and then leaving town from the Chamber of Commerce parking lot at 1:00.  There will be a ride along event at this point where members of the community will be able to see Mark off as he heads into the most challenging part of his journey.

After Rock Springs, Mark will continue south to Dutch John, UT to visit the Flaming Gorge Dam. Here, Mark will meet with experts in hydroelectric energy production and conduct an interview and find out all the necessary information on hydroelectric energy.

The fifth stop for Mark will be northeast through 100 miles of desert, where there is a Uranium Mine. Here, Mark will interview experts and find information about nuclear energy. Mark predicts that this will be the most difficult part of this journey because there are no towns or establishments for about 80 miles through this desert. Dehydration and wild animals like rattle snakes and scorpions are his main life threatening risks.  A hospital is no longer a 30 minute drive but rather an all day trip.  This will be by far the most dangerous part of the journey.  Mark is expecting to be out of cellphone service for three days during this time.

After crossing the desert, Mark will ride southeast to Arlington, where he will be conducting interviews with wind energy experts.

At last mark will make his way to Laramie, Wyoming where he will conclude his journey.  Upon his arrival to Laramie, there will a  “Welcome home Ride” event in order to show support to Mark and his incredible trek across Wyoming.

There you have it.  In 500 short words you can see Mark’s route.  It seems short to read but it certainly will not be short to ride.   Don’t forget to show your support for Mark by following this blog, commenting on our Facebook page, and spreading the word.  In the end with all the information he gathered Mark will have a handful of evidence and reasoning to answer the question of “What is the best energy?”   As for right now, it’s all up in the air but stay connected to find out how things unfold.


Click the link for Mark’s route.,+WY&daddr=42.59121,-109.92813+to:9+Mile+Rd%2FCo+Rd+15+to:Rock+Springs,+WY+to:Flaming+Gorge+Dam,+UT+to:Minerals+Exploration+Rd+to:Arlington,+wy+to:Laramie,+WY&hl=en&ll=41.204489,-106.630554&spn=0.853433,2.113495&sll=41.724181,-108.631439&sspn=0.84662,2.113495&geocode=FbIXjgIdhqdz-Smzgc2XHpRXhzFJjrO8VfiGyg%3BFerjiQIdPqFy-SkFBBuQH3VXhzHm16cGBVma8A%3BFaD2fAIdk_6D-Q%3BFQiTegIdKLJ9-SkZi8L16FhahzFwNzAngf4lBw%3BFaFMcAIdcVF6-SE7ZhM3mBxBTw%3BFfpygQIdXq2R-Q%3BFUKvegIdpmOr-SnRc6a6EchnhzEALlPNd5P-dQ%3BFYdcdgIdw860-Sl5m9qO94RohzGT5cSh98GJjg&mra=ls&via=1&dirflg=b&z=10&lci=bike


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