Mark’s camera equipment

Mark will be travelling without a camera crew; however, this doesn’t mean that this journey won’t be completely documented.  He is taking on the responsibility of filming the entire trek himself. He will share his challenging and inspiring experience on the road with the world in the upcoming film, Energy, Oh Energy. In order to carry over 50 pounds camera gear, Mark will be pulling a trailer with his bike throughout the 600 miles. In our blog today, we will describe the model and type of camera, lens and other equipment Mark will be taking with him in his journey.

The first and main camera Mark will be shooting on is a Canon 7d Digital SLR Camera – DSLR cameras have come so far in the last 5 years, it’s incredible.  It is more than a fad.  The quality achieved from these cameras is like something from a camera 5 times the price, which is why Mark has chosen this camera.  It is relativity compact, it has amazing quality, the manual mode allows shooting in any light condition, and Mark has shot his last 4 films on this camera.  It is a lot harder to operate than a traditional video camera but once you get the hang of it, nothing even comes close.  The selection of lenses is another huge plus.

Along with the Canon 7d Digital SLR Camera, Mark will carry two lenses, one is a16-35mm f.2.8 lens –This will be Mark’s main lens for shooting interviews and everything he encounters on his journey.  The L series is second to none and produces an unbelievable image.  Marks says, “Heavy? Yes.”  “Well worth it?  Definitely.”

The second lens is a 70-200mm f.2.8 lens – This lens will be used to shoot anything from a distance.  Once again, it’s heavy but Mark says he wouldn’t exchange it for any other lens out there.






The sound equipment Mark will carry is a H4n zoom with a wireless lavalier microphone system. – This is a device used to professionally record high quality sound separate from the camera.  You will find one of these or something similar or on any big shoot in Hollywood or anywhere else in the world. Mark says, “I would have to say the number one thing that makes a film seem amateur is poor sound quality.  Even though I’m going to be out in the middle of nowhere, I am still producing a professional film.  It’s not going to be easy lugging all of this extra equipment but it’s going to make all the difference in the world when people are sitting in the theater 6 months from now.  As my dad always told me, ‘hey, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it’.  It’s not going to be easy, that’s why I’m doing it.”

Mark will be carrying a Manfrotto Tripod– A tripod is one of the keys to getting great shots.  This is why Mark is bringing a heavier, professional tripod. Mark said, “I am concerned about weight but I still don’t want to compromise the quality of this film.”

The second camera Mark will be carrying with him is a GoPro Hero HD video camera – This camera is indestructible, small, can be mounted anywhere, and has a great picture.  Mark says, “What a perfect camera for my expedition?!  I will be wearing this camera most of the time on my helmet and when I’m not wearing it, it will be mounted to my bike.  This camera is going to be my eyes.  Whatever I see, it will record.”


There are few odds in ins that Mark will be carrying as well.  He has figured out his battery power situation but it’s not pretty.  He has 7 batteries for this Canon 7D, 3 batteries for his GoPro, and 24 AA’s for all of the sound equipment.  He is also bringing a Rode XLR shotgun microphone to capture to sound of the journey.  This is the same microphone that is used on professional set all over the world.

Well, there is some of the camera equipment Mark will use to bring back the challenges and excitements he will face on his 600 mile bike ride through the deserts and mountains to share with the world.

Keep following our blog, because the next one will be details on the type of bike Mark will be riding on. We are sure many of you are wondering what type of bike will manage to bear 600 miles through deserts and mountains, dragging over 50 pounds camera gear and 50 pounds of living essentials.

That’s for us to tell you, and for you to follow.


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