Mark’s first day on the road

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: the journey has begun. Sunday morning Mark departed from Pinedale, Wyoming for his 600 mile journey through the Wyoming backcountry in search of the best form of energy for our future. “The sendoff was amazing,” Mark said, “It was so inspiring and heartwarming to have so many friends and supporters show up to wish me well.” Dozens of Rock Springs locals showed up for the event including the County Commissioner of Sweetwater County as well as the Mayor of Pinedale. Everyone showed their support and appreciation for Mark’s brave and inspiring effort towards investigating one of the most vital issues and hot topics of the last decade. Mark would like to give special thanks to the Mitchell family for providing refreshments for the event. A tasty muffin certainly provided Mark with the energy he needed to make it through the first miles of his trip; that, and an enormous amount of adrenaline.

Mark’s sendoff was sealed after the Sheriff escorted Mark and several supporters out-of-town and into the countryside. Mark was thankful to have company for the first day’s ride. After saying some last goodbyes to his remaining companions, Mark set up his first camp of the journey near the Newfork River. “So far, so good,” he reported simply. Everything seems to be in fair conditioning including his bike, his trailer, and his legs. They only thing that seemed to be bothering Mark about the first day and night was the heat, and the mosquitoes.  It turns out that late July is not the friendliest of times to cross the Wyoming countryside.

At least Mark won’t be alone for long. On Wednesday three supporters from Rock Springs, Wyoming will be joining Mark for part of his journey. Mark would like to once again thank everyone who showed up to see him on his way. Will the rest of his journey be as smooth as its launch? Stay tuned to find out!


2 responses to “Mark’s first day on the road

  1. So is Mark responding to these comments or is he just out there in the oil patch with no connection to the rest of the world? By the way, that’s a great photo of your crew climbing to the summit of the Gannett Peak (?).

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