Mark’s second day on the road

Hello everyone, we are back with all the updates on Mark’s journey. Mark said that the first day of his journey went very smoothly except for a few difficulties like the extreme heat and mosquitos while he was camping. However, his second day on the road was anything but enchanting. He said, “There were a few times I thought about calling for help.” The route that Mark had mapped out on the computer prior to his journey turned out not to be there when he got to the actual location.  The road that he was following fizzled out and he was left at a dead end in the middle of the desert.

He said, “I had two options, I could either turn around and backtrack 12 miles or I could cut across to the highway. I chose to cut across to the highway.” His decision however, turned out to be very bad, because he ended up on a sandy two track road which made it nearly impossible to pull his trailer. He said, “As I bounced and struggled down that road for over 10 miles, I was faced with extreme heat and exhaustion.  Then a breeze picked up, but the breeze just so happened to be a headwind of about 35 miles per hour.  After battling flat tires and the weather I finally made it to the highway only to find that I had 22 miles left to go.”

Just when Mark thought everything was going better, he realized that he didn’t have enough water to be able to stop and camp for the night and finish the ride to Farson in the morning, so he was forced to go on to Farson, Wyoming to get water and other supplies. He said, “When it was all said and done I had ridden 60 miles and used up 2 days’ worth of water in the excruciating heat.  There were times today when I felt like I honestly wouldn’t make it. I was completely out of gas by the end of the day.”

 Mark has made a few changes based on things that went wrong and he is back on the road for the rest of his journey. Things on the road are only getting more exciting so show your keen support by making sure you stay tuned for more updates on Mark’s journey.


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