Mark and Carrie about to cross the Red Desert

We are back with some more updates. After long and exhausting days and night on the road, Mark and Carrie spent Tuesday doing laundry at the lake and relaxing to prepare for the hardest part of the journey. Carrie has decided to go along with Mark through the toughest part of his journey. In all, she will be riding over 160 miles with Mark.

At 9:00 am on Wednesday, Mark recorded an interview at Flaming Gorge dam with a hydroelectric energy expert. Following that, Mark and Carrie rode north on highway 191 towards Mini’s Gap.   According to Mark, “This is where the hardest part of the journey will begin.  The climb will last all day. It has been nice the last few days, enjoying the shade, but that is all about to change as soon as we get to the Red Desert.  The scenery and sunset have been amazing but they came with a price, because the last few days have been extremely hilly. I have been very tired and sleepy many nights long before dark.  I am looking forward to getting back towards the central part of the state where there aren’t as many mountains.”

Keep showing your support by following our blog as Mark heads on to the roughest part of his journey.




2 responses to “Mark and Carrie about to cross the Red Desert

  1. I remember working around Wamsutter in the oil patch…there was a saying that Wamsutter was the Armpit of Wyoming. I wonder if it’s still true, or has Wamsutter cleaned up its act any? So did Mark et al make it there yet? What, 4-5 days and no update?

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