520 miles down

After weeks of harsh days on the road, Mark has hit 520 miles. He is currently in Rawlins, Wyoming ready to power through the remaining miles to reach Laramie. During the past few days, Mark had the company of Carrie while crossing the Red Desert. Carrie put on her brave face and pedaling shoes and stuck with Mark as long as she could, but at last she had to depart. On Sunday morning, Carrie left the journey to attend a prior commitment in California. Carrie said that she was very sad to leave because she really wanted to finish the ride to Laramie. The feeling was certainly mutual for Mark: “It was great riding with her and I will really miss having a companion on the road.”

After saying goodbye to Carrie, Mark rode 55 miles, with about 17 along the dreaded Interstate 80. “I had been really afraid of the interstate until today… But turns out, it was great! It was much easier than riding on dirt through the desert and mountains. On trails and dirt roads you get rattled to the core, and you can’t keep your momentum. On I-80 I felt like I was flying! But at the same time it was definitely pretty dangerous. Every time a semi screamed by I got hit with a huge blast of wind, and that happened about every twenty or thirty seconds. I also watched a semi and a few cars hit this shredded tire-tred and it almost got flung straight at me! But that stuff aside, it was so easy to make time that I actually got a day ahead of schedule,”

With the extra time, Mark is taking a detour through the Snowy Range. The detour will add 3000 feet of climbing and 40 miles distance. “It will be one awful day of uphill then two great days of downhill.  And with all that done I will be sure to hit my 700 mile mark.” Mark said, proudly. Mark is now 5 days from Laramie on the new route, but he admits: “As fun as the journey is, I miss the luxury of home and am counting the days to the finish line. In the meantime, I’ll just keep riding.”

The adventure is starting to come to and end, but the stories are piling up, footage is taking up disk space, and more ideas for film are unfolding. So, even though Mark’s journey is coming to an end, you still have something great to look forward to: the upcoming film Energy, Oh Energy. Until now you have been just reading and imagining Mark’s adventure, but soon enough, you will get to see the actual footage. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates.



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