Mark has returned to Laramie but not for long!

Hi Everyone!  I have returned to Laramie and decided to give a personal account with pictures of the last five days of my journey.  If I had to pick a few words to describe the last leg of my trip, I would say accommodating, longing for home, and inspiring.  I chose ‘accommodating’ because of an experience I had in Elk Mountain, Wy.  I rolled into town right around dinner time and was struggling to find a legal place to set up my tent for the night.  I ran into a local named Bob Johnson who offered his property for me to camp on.  I gladly accepted and the next thing I knew, I was having ice cream with him and his wife, exchanging stories all night.  The next day they made breakfast and offered me a shower.  It was a great refresher before the final 60 miles home.  As amazing as my journey was, I found myself longing for home.  The last week was more of a mind game than a physical feat.  I had gotten in pretty decent shape throughout the trip so the final week didn’t feel physically strenuous at all.  I just wanted to make it home.  The last 6 miles were the longest because I could see Laramie for so long but it didn’t feel like it was getting any closer.  As for exciting stories of trials and triumphs, the last week seemed rather dull in comparison to the rest of the journey.  The roads and terrain were much tamer and the towns were closer together.  It was a comforting thought to know the worst was behind me.  The tail wind was also a welcomed feeling.  I found myself reflecting on the entire trip as I road into town.  I thought about the 2nd day when I ran out of water and wanted to quit more than anything else.  I thought of all of the people who rode a few miles of the journey with me because they believed in both the film and me.  I thought of the star filled nights, rainy days, and cool mornings packing up camp.  It was all finally coming to an end.  But was this really the end?  The more I thought about the film and the journey, the more I realized that this was just the beginning.  I had scratched the surface of something huge and I couldn’t just call it quits when I got home.

I was greeted by my family and friends with a warm welcome home.  We enjoyed some cake and exchanged stories about the past month.  This is when I truly realized that the story doesn’t end here.  It’s more like a halfway point and I’m just gathering myself before hitting the road again.  This time I will be taking my car because the distances between locations have grown and my time is running out.  I am going to further pursue the question of “What is the best energy?”  This time I am breaking the boundary of only interviewing people within biking distance.  I am setting out to wherever the path leads.  If I have to drive, I will.  If I have to fly, I will.  The question about energy is only halfway answered and I don’t have enough information to tell you what the best energy is yet.  This is why I’m continuing the journey.  I am grateful for everyone’s support and interest.  I hope that you continue to follow me as I pursue this undying question.  Where it will take me next, I cannot say but wherever it is, I am willing to go.  The cameras have been cleaned and my bags are repacked.  Keep checking back to see where this question takes me.  Feel free to contact me with any interest in the film.  It felt good to be home for a few days but I can’t rest until I find the answers to my questions.


2 responses to “Mark has returned to Laramie but not for long!

  1. Hi Mark!

    Congratulations on finishing your trip…can’t wait to see the film. will it be available here to view? Just one question for you today. It seems you had kind of an epiphany during your bike trip, which is good. Now I read that you will continue your trip across Wyoming via car. If it can be done better with a car, why did you ride your bike in the first place?

    I have to wonder if you deliberatly (or accidently) ham-strung your self from the beginning… Was the trip about biking or energy? Obviously, no one has seen the film…all we’ve had is these infrequent posts with not much detail, other than you’re tired.

    So good luck with editing…hope you get a good sound track!

    Rick Steele
    Sarasota, Florida

  2. Hi Rick,

    Thanks for the compliments and feedback on the film. I originally chose to ride my bike to give the film a unique angle and because all of the locations could be visited on a 700 mile journey. The film has and always will be about energy but the idea of how I am exploring the issue will continue to be part of the film as well. The reason I have decided to set off in my car is because many of the interviews are hundreds of miles apart stretching all over the US. I would like to continue on my bike but the time to do so just doesn’t exist. One thing is for sure though, I will still be taking my bike along, so it hasn’t been completely phased out of the film.

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