Where am I?

Where am I?  This is a question that I have found myself asking for the last few months.  Where am I in regards to the film?  Where am I in regards to my physical location?  Where am I in regards to my understanding of energy?  This weekend I spent driving through Colorado conducting more interviews.  I was finally about to find a nuclear energy expert to discuss the issue of energy with.  Dr. Jeffrey King from the Colorado School of Mines gave us his Friday afternoon to talk about nuclear energy.  The footage is piling up and the story is slowly unfolding.  It seems the deeper I dig, the more this issue of energy unfolds.  I am now attempting to contact executives of some of the largest energy companies in the world.  This is not an easy task by any means.  I have to do it though.  These are the people that make the decisions that affect every one of us as energy consumers.  A film about energy wouldn’t be complete without the input from those who are in charge of the industry.  I am prepared to travel wherever this takes me.  I will be spending the next few weeks in the Colorado/Wyoming area and after that if things go as planned; I will be headed to the west coast.

As good as it felt to be off of my bike for a few days, this Saturday I found myself back in the saddle.  I was passing through Winter Park, Co on my way from a shoot so I decided to take a half-day and ride the mountain.  If you haven’t been to Winter Park then you definitely need to make it down there.  The downhill mountain biking they offer there is amazing.  If I had to pick a type of riding, I would say that I am a gravity biker.  This means that I would much rather spend a day at the dirt jump park or downhill course than pedaling across country.  I haven’t really had time to get any gravity riding in this summer so Winter Park was a welcomed sight.  The trails are perfect, steep, fast, and lined with jump after jump.  If only I could have incorporated downhill mountain biking into the film…

I am back in Wyoming where I will be shooting for the next week.  A common theme of this journey has been the idea of getting somewhere and turning around the next day to go somewhere else.  I know there is something big with this topic to explore.  I am confident that I’m not just a dog chasing his tail.  If you are curious about some of the photos from my journey, check http://livingthedream.aminus3.com/ regularly.  The site is updated every weekday with a new picture.  You only get one picture a day so don’t miss out!  Many of the pictures coming up will be from my ride.  You will start to see pictures from my current travels shortly.


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