Music and the Grid


It had been a busy week and progress is still inching along.  I have been traveling daily as I gather more footage and interviews about the question, what is the best type of energy?  I have hit the 2 terabyte mark with the footage.  For everyone that isn’t very computer savvy, that’s over 1400 CDs.  Trust me, it’s a lot.  I estimate being about half done compiling footage.  Energy is such a huge topic and I am finding everything relates to it.  A challenge has been trying to narrow down the content into one idea.  I have to keep reminding myself to look back to the original question, “what is the best type of energy?”  A major issue I have uncovered is distribution.  What does it take to get the energy we need and want?  Are some types of energy easier to transport?  What is the grid?  What is the smart grid?  How difficult is it to live somewhere that is off grid?  These are all questions I am now exploring.  This combined with working on the footage from the ride is keeping me busy.

The music for the film is really coming along.  The artist Latch Key Kid will be featured in the film.  Singer/songwriter/composer, Gavin Heaney makes music that has a great feeling to it and much of it correlates with the vision of many of our traveling scenes.  Here is a link to Latch Key Kid’s website.  I highly recommend checking his music.   Another artist that will be featured in the film is Sincerely Iris based out of Savannah, GA.  I met Todd from Sincerely Iris when I was living in Chicago.  He’s a great guy and an incredible musician.  I’m excited to be featuring some of his music in the film.  Here’s a link to his website.

I have been getting a lot of emails about a release date for the film.  The film will be completed this spring in time for a number of film festival submission deadlines.  Depending on the film’s success in the festivals, there will be a formal release following.  My main focus right now is working on the high profile interviews.  I want to talk with the people at the top in the energy industry.  These interviews will act as a way for the viewer of the film to discuss energy with otherwise unreachable people.  As for the immediate future, I will be headed to Western Wyoming this weekend to work on getting more footage.  The next step is finding a pilot for some aerial footage. Like always, thanks for your support and feel free to comment or email.


2 responses to “Music and the Grid

  1. As you are headed for Western Wyoming, suggust you poke around the Overthrust Belt. There, you’ll find some great western scenery and some really deep wells. Evanston Wyoming is a great little town, most folks there involved with the Oil Patch.

    You asked in your blog, “What is the best kind of energy?” Well, I can answer that one. The best one is FREE Energy. Failing that, one should look for the least expensive energy. Other parameters that energy should have is it should be concentrated (that is, not diffuse). Solar and wind energy are both free (after you pay for the equipment), but they are both diffuse. Not highly concentrated.

    Good luck with the editing.

    • Hi Rick,
      I apologize for the belated response. I hope it hasn’t detoured you from following our progress. You brought up an interesting point in your comment about the best energy being the cheapest energy. This is something that I am consistently finding through my research and interviews. The question that now comes into the discussion is ,”what is the cheapest energy?” How are we placing a value on our energy? There are the straight forward costs such as how much it takes to build a power plant, how much it takes to make a wind turbine, how much it costs to mine coal and transport it but what about the expenses that are much harder to measure. If we burn something today, it is gone and we can never burn it again. This is a cost. If we cannot rely on the wind, this is a cost because we must compensate with another energy source that also has many costs associated with it. It is a web of interconnected costs. Licensing, permits, legal fees due to lawsuits are all expenses as well that often get forgotten in the price of each type of energy. There is also a cost associated with time passing and not taking advantage of a resource that is there. An example is sun or wind. If the wind blows and we don’t have a turbine set up, we will not reap the benefits of that event. We can only hope it will blow again when we do have a turbine to utilize it. What is the best energy, seems like a simple question as does, what is the cheapest energy. Although they seem simple, the answer involves a whole world of variables and determinants. The real challenge is to not only find the answers but to edit it down into a 90 minute film. This is what makes the conversation of energy worth having. I appreciate your comments and ideas. My goal is to get everyone to think about the issue, not in a particular way, but rather to at least think for themselves so that they can take part in the conversation as well.

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