Back from the Big Apple

I just returned to Laramie from 7 days in New York City.  I was attending the IFP Filmmaker Conference and shooting for Energy, Oh Energy.  As different as NYC is from Wyoming, it felt similar to when I was out in the middle of the desert.  I had to change hotels nightly so I found myself carrying all of my gear just like when I was on my ride through Wyoming.  Instead of riding, I was walking.  Instead of ruts there were curbs.  Instead of heat, there was humidity.  It was a great but extremely tiring trip.  I am still trying to catch up with everything in Laramie now.  The footage will be passing the 1000 hour point before it’s all said and done.  Pictures from New York will be uploaded on the daily photo blog starting Monday.  I’ve included a few shots in this blog just to give you a taste.  I was hoping to get a tour of the Indian Point Nuclear Station on the Hudson River, but I haven’t been able to get anyone to return my calls.  I am still in search of a nuclear facility that is not only willing to give me a tour, but also allow photography/videography.  I’m starting to wonder if this even exists.

After talking to a number of people at the IFP Conference, I’ve decided to restructure some of the management for Energy, Oh Energy.  As the plot develops and we find a more complex story than just, “what is the best energy”, I am finding it difficult to balance everything.  Our technical director and personal friend, Marty Pool has been a big help in many departments of the film.  Marty and I have been discussing some possible twists to the story and drafting the story outline.  Although it’s hard to write a story that is only half told, we have a strong start and good direction for the majority of the film.  There has been some talk of adding Marty to the credits as an assistant producer or cowriter.  How ever the technicalities turn out, I am glad to have Marty’s input.  He has a strong background in energy research and has dabbled in filmmaking over the years.  We’ve had a lot of long conversations on the topic and energy and this film and I feel that we share the same vision.  Film is a collaborative art.  It’s not about me and people helping me bring my vision to the screen.  It’s about multiple people sharing the same vision and working to bring that to the screen.


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