These are worth a watch.


It’s mid-November, the leaves have fallen off the trees in Laramie and have blown away, the roads have iced over, and Energy! O Energy! has 30 minutes of rough cut footage assembled. The story has emerged and now the real work begins, putting it all together. I drove through a pretty crazy snow storm this weekend, so in light of the weather I have decided to post some links to keep everyone entertained. The first link is a link to the GoPro camera promo video. I used this camera for a lot of the footage on my ride and also in getting creative angles in many other sections of Energy! O Energy! This clip shows the camera in action in mostly adventure sports. My opinion though is that using it in action sports is just the beginning. The quality and portability of this camera is second to none. I’ll be using it in all of my films to come as well as Energy! O Energy! Enjoy.

The next link is for all of the ski fans out there. Matchstick Productions has been on the forefront of ski films since I can remember. Anyway, if you happen to be in a town showing their newest film, I would strongly recommend seeing it. Even if you aren’t into skiing or snow sports, the cinematography is stunning to say the least. Although our company names may seem similar, (Matchstick, Burning Torch) they don’t have anything to do with each other. I’ve always been inspired by Matchstick but the name “Burning Torch” came from a late night drive when I first started making movies. I was working for a home I.V. therapy company delivering drugs (medicine). I guess you could say I got my start delivering drugs. My job was to make the deliveries that ranged from 1 mile to 150 miles away. One night after a drug run at 1 am, I was driving past factory thinking about what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life. It was like a light bulb went off in my head when I decided to make a film production company. Just as the light bulb went off, a burning torch erupted from the night sky behind the fence of a factory that I was passing. From that second on I knew what I wanted to do, Burning Torch Productions.

I hope you enjoy the videos. They’re not mine but hopefully it will keep your video watching needs satisfied until next time. As far as Energy! O Energy! goes, I’m facing some issues with mixing 24p and 29.9 fps footage. There’s never a dull moment in the film business.


PS – I’m enjoying your emails and feedback. I am doing my best to respond in a timely manner!


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