Help Mark’s photos find a Home!

With me trying to focus on my photography and filmmaking, Carrie has taken the role of Supervising Editor of the photography department of Burning Torch Productions.  Carrie has been working behind the scenes for quite some time now.  I’ll let her tell you what she’s been up to.


Mark has been taking photographs ever since I have known him, and even before we met he was capturing the beauty of every day life with his camera. He doesn’t leave the house without a camera in hand and after all of these years of the images living on his hard drive, I’ve decided it’s time to give them a new home.  His collection of photographs has not gone unnoticed, which is the reason for the new Burning Torch Productions Photography website. For some time now, friends, family, clients, and fans have been complementing Mark on his stunning photos and requesting a venue to purchase them as art for their homes, cabins, and offices. In response to your requests, I have put together a website devoted completely to Mark’s photos.

This website has a gallery of his best photos for sale, as canvas or paper prints, organized into categories: cityscape, landscape (alpine, desert, and ocean), western, wildlife, lifestyle, still life, and black and white. There is also information about custom prints, additional photography and video services, and much more. This site showcases Mark’s unique talent with a camera and I’m sure that you will find a piece that will look amazing in your very own home. Please check out the site and browse through the photographs, and don’t hesitate to send us your comments and ideas about the website (you can do this by using the “Contact Us” tab on the site).  He is constantly taking more photos and I’m constantly updating the site so it never gets stale.  I wouldn’t recommend something that I didn’t believe in.  My house is full of some of Mark’s best gallery wrap canvas prints.  Let me know if you want to see what some of these photos look like once they’re on the wall!  I hope you find something you like and if not, Mark is always taking custom requests!  I will be handling all of the orders and custom service so please don’t hesitate to ask questions:)



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