3 things I want to say.


“Western Wandering” was given the Filmmaker’s Choice Award in this year’s Wyoming Short Film Contest. It is truly an honor to receive this award. I am extremely excited to see the film reach an audience. It is also an amazing honor to have the respect of my peers. It was an amazing experience making the film and I am happy that others are enjoying the product of it. The award included $5000. I can assure you that this money will be well handled towards filmmaking in the future. My passion and life is making movies, and gaining funding is always a huge achievement. Making films certainly isn’t free and this will help substantially. Thank you everyone for the continuing support. Filmmaking can be exhausting, and having such a great support group has gotten me through all of the long nights piecing footage together. The most incredible part of this contest was how the whole community across Wyoming came together to support independent filmmaking. The prize money is great, but the true reward is everyone coming together to support all of the films being made here. My goal is to be the best that I can in this amazing community. Here is a link to view Western Wandering. It is also being entered in a number of film festivals worldwide, so check back to see where it’s playing next! http://www.wyomingshortfilmcontest.com/VideoContest/1198276/About

Look forward to “Energy! O Energy!”

EOE is very close to being completed! It has been quite the journey coast to coast, and it is finally coming towards the final cut. As for seeing the film, it will be put into film festival limbo until the fall. We will know more about screenings as submissions unfold.


Finally, summer is here! I’m excited to be finishing up EOE and looking forward to a summer of film production. Burning Torch Productions has projects lined out in Wyoming, New York, Boston, and New Zealand. There are a lot of very exciting things in store for the summer and next year. Please keep emailing us with your comments! It’s great to hear from everyone. Thank you everyone for being a part of this journey we call life. Until next time, I’ll be out there documenting it.