Sundancing 2013


At least the snow waited until after the festival to hit.  While last year we trudged through 8 inches of snow going from theater to theater, this year was a different story.  The streets of Park City were crowded with filmmakers, cinefiles, industry execs, and partiers alike as Carrie and I caught the final two days of the Sundance Film Festival. We were on our way to Germany where the next leg of “A Movement of Movement” will be filmed.

To sum up the weekend, Sundance delivered and we left happy.  One film in particular caught my attention, “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete”.  Here’s a few pictures from the festival.




The Theater was Full


It was cold, windy, and half of the roads into Rock Springs, WY were closed, but they still came.  “Energy! O Energy!” had a great turnout to the prerelease screening.  The Broadway Theater in downtown Rock Springs was the host to its first ever movie screening.  The night was concluded with a Q&A session with producer, Mark Pedri and writer, Marty Pool.


The event was a great kickoff to the 2013 festival season, and we’re excited to see where we’re headed next.  “Energy! O Energy!” is currently waiting for its next city and date to be scheduled.  In the mean time, we’re working hard on the next big thing, Movement of Movement, The Pilates film.