3 different things to do in Wyoming

In the winter….

—I’ve decided to let a friend, Royer C., write a few guest posts to keep things interesting while I’m busy working on projects.  He has a slightly dry sense of          humor so take everything with a grain of salt and enjoy!

Mark            –

If you’re from Wyoming then I’m sure you have had this experience.

If you’re not from Wyoming then you’re probably wondering where it is.  I would give you directions but it wouldn’t really make sense unless I knew which way you were coming from.  So just take my word for it, Wyoming exists, just like Timbuktu and Transylvania.

This is how it usually goes down.  A Non-Wyomingite meets a Wyomingite.

The Non-Wyomingite says, “So what do you do there?”

Wyomingite- “Umm, well.. aaaa, there’s lots of cool things like…”

And then you’re put on the spot.  What do you say? What is there to do here, especially in the winter?  Rather than coming up with some outlandish ideas about what you could do here that no one would believe anyway, I’m just going to show you a few pictures, compliments of Mark, about what people actually do here.

Attend a fight night at your local drinking establishment.  This is always exciting and offers great family entertainment for all ages (over 21 or sometimes 18).

Watch as the snow piles up and make bets on how many people will get stuck in the parking lot after fight night.

Watch as a local building is demolished and compare the hits from the wrecking ball to last nights hits in the bar fight that erupted after fight night.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas on how to spend your time or what to say the next time an outsider asks you, “so what do you do there?”

–Royer C.