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Sundancing 2013


At least the snow waited until after the festival to hit.  While last year we trudged through 8 inches of snow going from theater to theater, this year was a different story.  The streets of Park City were crowded with filmmakers, cinefiles, industry execs, and partiers alike as Carrie and I caught the final two days of the Sundance Film Festival. We were on our way to Germany where the next leg of “A Movement of Movement” will be filmed.

To sum up the weekend, Sundance delivered and we left happy.  One film in particular caught my attention, “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete”.  Here’s a few pictures from the festival.



We’ve been all over!

The last few months have disappeared like tire tracks on a windy day on the many snow covered roads that we’ve trudged down.  Carrie and I have been driving all over the western United States while filming for A Movement of Movement.  Every time I travel for a significant period of time, I am reminded of a certain peculiarity of life on the road.  It’s not where you go, but rather the people you meet while you’re there that makes the biggest impact on you.  We have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people in the last 2 months, and I want to say thanks to each of those people.  You have made our life on the road meaningful and fulfilling.  It isn’t always easy to live out of a suitcase, but encountering great people always makes it better.

I’ll be home for a week and then it’s back to the road.  How long will I be out there?  As long as it takes.

I hope to see you there.



Back from the Land of the Long White Cloud

I’m back from a month of shooting in New Zealand.  If you’re looking for a place with every kind of setting that you could imagine, New Zealand just might be your next location.  Snow capped mountains and sun kissed beaches often collide, separated only by a slight moment of green grass and forests.  If the land pulls you to New Zealand, the people will be the reason you stay.  We were lucky enough to be greeted some of the best hospitality I’ve ever encountered in the world.  Rather than me writing about this incredible place and you reading, I’ll let the pictures tell the story.  Here’s a little taste of what’s to come.

Photos, Surf, and Cities

What matters more, the thing that brought you there, or what you did once you were you got there? Everyone always talks about “taking a trip”, but what does that mean? Are you really in control, and if you are, are you actually having fun? There were a number of things that brought me out to the east coast for the next 3 weeks, but none of those things were to “take a trip”. Eventually you have to just let go and let the trip take you, as cliché as that may sound.

I wouldn’t call myself a horse fanatic but when I found out the Belmont Stakes horse race was happening only 7 miles from where I sat in the airport in New York City, I had to let my trip take me.

Surfing is all about being in the hot sun and lying on the beach, but not in Boston. After a few days in NYC I took a detour up to Boston. Moving from one city to the next usually isn’t the stereotypical idea you think of when you want to escape the hustle and bustle for a while, but where there’s surf, there’s sanctuary. Surfing is one of those things that you’re probably saying is overrated, unless you’re a surfer. When you’re hungry, you eat because it just feels right. But what about when you just need to take a break from it all, what do you do? As strange as it may seem coming from a land locked kid from Wyoming, I find an ocean…

All of this talk of food is making me hungry though, and the evening tide is bringing in some nice waves. That’s where I’ll be.