A New Name!

This is just a quick update to tell everyone that Burning Torch Productions has been hard at work with the production of Energy! O Energy!  I hope that you noticed the new title.  The film’s title has officially been changed from “Energy, Oh Energy” to “Energy! O Energy!”  I owe a lot of the innovation to Marty who found the intertextuality in the title.  I’m not going to say what the connection is because I don’t want to spoil it though.  That’s up to you to find.  As I am making this film I am becoming more aware of how much every detail in the production means.  A film is the combination of many different art forms and this creates a huge potential to use each one to communicate your idea.  Nothing is going unnoticed in EOE.  We have paid special attention to every detail without intruding on reality.  After bringing Marty aboard as a vital part in the film, I have gained a new sense of inspiration towards the project and subject matter.  It has transformed from just a film to an issue that I feel everyone should be more educated about.  Marty’s passion for energy education is shining through onto the project and my passion for storytelling and filmmaking will hopefully balance it out to make something that people can look to and truly believe in.  As always, here is the link to some production pictures.  This is where we are!